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Big Potato

You Can’t Say Umm

You Can’t Say Umm

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Describe weird things without…err…uhh…hesitating. (Age: 8+ Players: 4-10 Time: 15 mins)
This is a noisy party game with one super-simple mission — you can’t say “umm”.
Two teams race to get their pieces to the end of the board first. They’ll do it by describing as many strange sounding objects as they can, from the random cards they pick up. The only problem is: you can’t say “umm”.
Every time you do, the other team ding the bell and move their piece closer to victory, adding to the pressure!
As each team gets closer to the end, more and more sounds become off limits, making it a frantic dash to the finish line.

Contents: 150 cards, 2 playing pieces, 1 board, 1 bell, 1 timer

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