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Big Potato

The Chameleon: Picture Edition

The Chameleon: Picture Edition

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A family-friendly, spot-the-imposter party game. (Age: 8+ Players: 3-8 Time: 20 mins)
The award-winning party game is back, but this time with pictures instead of words. Using new Magic Reveal Sleeves, all the players can see which picture is the secret one — except the Chameleon!
To catch them, each player will say one word related to the picture. The Chameleon can’t see the secret picture so they’ll have to blend in by saying something that makes them ‘sound like’ they know what everyone’s talking about.
Will the Chameleon escape yet again? Or will everyone manage to catch them out?

Contents: 40 picture cards, 12 code cards, 8 reveal sleeves

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