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Ten-Bone Bowling

Ten-Bone Bowling

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The party game you can play with your dog! Think bowling, but your dog gets to be the ball. (Player Age: 10+, Dog age: Any, Players: 2+, Dogs: 1+, Time: 10 mins)
Love a good party game? Well we think it’s high time dogs got in on the action too.
Set up the bones like bowling pins, throw the ball over the pins for your dog to chase and bet how many bones they’ll knock over. The better you guess, the more points you’ll earn. Whoever scores the most points after six rounds is the winner.
The best part is, your dog is the hero — when they do well, you do well, which means you get to celebrate together!

Contents: 10 bone pins, 10 stands, 5 dog tokens, 1 score pad, 1 ball, 1 score track

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