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Librium Green Card Stacking Game

Librium Green Card Stacking Game

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Treat yourself to a...
LIBRIUM GREEN is guaranteed calorie free, in fact you will probably burn calories* playing it!
The classic LIBRIUM cards offer a rich and meaningful form of entertainment.
The cards are a good source of moral fibre, low in fat (they are very thin), and are great as part of a balanced everyday helping of laughter! 
Each Tin ‘O’ LIBRIUM comes packed with goodness including:

  • LIBRIUM Mag Mount
  • 20 classic LIBRIUM cards
  • 1 Fulcrum card
  • 1 Top Ten Tip Card
  • 1 ‘Move’ card
  • Instructions
  • Storage Tin/Base
  • Sealing cap
  • Pop-able piece of bubble wrap to annoy people with!

*Not tested!

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