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LIBRIUM Black Card Stacking Game

LIBRIUM Black Card Stacking Game

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For the Serious Competitor or Closet Balance & Chaos Junkie!
LIBRIUM Black...
Just when you thought pub games were getting boring, and the thought of another game of block balancing was becoming too tedious for words, someone somewhere will be getting all the laughs, spills, thrills, balance & chaos having embarked on the dark art of LIBRIUM Black!
After a small amount of assembly you will begin to see how addictive this game version can be!

The virtually unbreakable supplied Pro Clamp has a jaw of 50mm allowing easy fixture to tables, chairs, bars or any other stable structure. The clamp post can also be angled to make the game more central on a table.

Varying degrees of difficulty can be factored into the game with only slight adjustments as detailed in the instructions.
We already have a World Champion... Maybe you will be next!

Pack Contents:

  • 30 Classic LIBRIUM cards
  • Fulcrum card
  • Suspension Rod with Tilt Pivot & Hanger Ring
  • Free Turn Connector
  • Pro2 Clamp
  • 2 Part Hanger Wire Assembly
  • Top Ten Tip Card
  • Instructions 
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