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LIBRIUM Blue Card Stacking Game

LIBRIUM Blue Card Stacking Game

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Party the night away with
LIBRIUM BLUE Lite+M... The Pocket Pack of laughter!

Just when your friends thought they were going to have to endure another boring night out talking about old times, you slap the pocket sized BLUE game down on the table and challenge the lot of them!
(It’s hoped by now you have had at least a small bit of practice before you show them the art of LIBRIUM!)

We are not advocating that you should use the BLUE as a drinking game, but... The Mag Mount does look particularly magnificent attached to the top of a beer or other drinks bottle! 

*(For a more sedate game or when younger players are present...use a bean tin!)

Contents include:

  • LIBRIUM Mag Mount
  • Fulcrum card
  • 20 classic LIBRIUM cards
  • Top Ten Tip card
  • Instructions
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